Transform the home buying process with our interactive floor plans, proven to captivate and convert users into happy buyers

Our innovative tool, gives users the ability to visualize and customize their dream home.

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Customers spend more time on sites with interactive content, return more often, and convert to active prospects at a higher rate.

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Interactive Floor Plans - Benefits

  • Increase Website Engagement

Personalize your ideal home using our interactive floor plans, tailored to your lot and branded by builders, then easily share with others.

  • Generate Quality Leads

Our automated system simplifies lead generation by sending customized floor plans directly to builders’ APIs and provides valuable usage reports to follow up on high-quality prospects.

  • Convert Delighted Users

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of designing your dream home using our interactive 2D and 3D floor plans. Customize each room to see your vision come to life and develop an emotional connection to your future home.

Interactive Floor Plans – Features

Houston3DRenderings’ revolutionary Interactive Floor Plans Tool has been perfected after years of development, providing you with real-time design capabilities to create your dream home. Our tool is designed to help you personalize your home and enhance your home-buying experience. With our Interactive Floor Plans, you can explore a wide range of features such as structural options, photo-realistic renderings, 360 panoramas for virtual tours, and much more, all at your fingertips.

  • Structural, Lighting, and Furniture Options
  • Photo-Realistic Renderings
  • 360 Panoramas
  • Matterport Tours
  • Information Links
  • Product Catalog
  • Save/Email Plans
  • Add/Edit Notes
  • CRM Integration

Consumer Experience Demo

Builder Experience Demo

All features are driven through the builder’s branded web environment and by their option rules. Once plans are saved, the interactive floor plan data is transmitted to the builder’s API system with usage reports, lead information, and other useful insights.

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